Why use Franklin Adams & Company, LLC (For Lawyers/Law Firms)

Communication is the key to success in the legal field. For an attorney to have success in particular cases, he or she must be able to persuade the Court and his or her opponent both verbally and through the written word. In today’s age, many attorneys love to communicate through the spoken word, but have neglected the written word.

Perhaps you are a very successful attorney or firm, you need a temporary “partner” on a specific case, and you do not want to refer the case to another firm. Franklin Adams & Company, LLC can help you achieve your goals by focusing on the research and legal writing necessary to keep the case on track.

Perhaps you have a passion for the courtroom and find that legal writing and legal research distract from your passion, but you still want a solidly grounded argument. Perhaps the rules associated with a new, unfamiliar court intimidates you.

In any of these cases, Franklin Adams & Company, LLC is the perfect fit. We act as “hidden” partner in your legal foray, so that you can supplement your spoken word or focus on your true passion.

Let us research and write your legal document. You will find your case thoroughly researched, the essential messages or themes of your case clearly communicated to the Court, and the rules associated with the Court explained to you.