“I have utilized Franklin Adams & Company’s services on numerous occasions. The cases they have assisted with have included those ranging from involuntary manslaughter to First Amendment to interstate custody actions.  The attorneys at Franklin Adams & Company are not only excellent legal researchers, but they have the exceptional abilities to adapt their writing to complement other styles.  They are very receptive to arguing legal issues from every perspective. Their work with my office has been thorough and prompt.  They have produced excellent briefs which have led to victories in Court.  I recommend their services to any experienced attorney who is looking for the best in legal writing excellence.” – Eric Jackson Lurie, Esquire

“Franklin Adams & Company, LLC has assisted me in a number of cases, including a business litigation case that settled on day one of trial.  The Company was a great support and an invaluable member of the team in that case, and has continued to provide useful insights and prompt turnaround in other cases.  I rely upon and enjoy the mental vigor, careful analysis, and thorough writing offered by Franklin Adams & Company, LLC.” - Christopher Schweickert, Attorney at Law, Walnut Creek, CA