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Always Make Sure to Comply With A Judge’s Order

The prosecution in the Jerry Sandusky criminal case has accused the defense of failing to comply with the Judge’s order relating to subpoenas. The Judge designed his order to keep the identities of Mr. Sandusky’s victims confidential, and the prosecution alleges that the defense is using the subpoenas to get around the gag order, revealing […]

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Importance of Quality Legal Writing

A lawyer in New York was suspended, in part, for poor quality briefs. Remember, writing is the principle way through which attorneys communicate with the court.

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Hasboro v. Asus: The Transformer Wars

Rarely does a court have an opportunity to be creative and take full advantage of such an opportunity. The court in the above referenced case did not disappoint. For more on the toy v. computer battle, read here. Thanks, and kudos, to our friends over at Gizmodo for posting this one.

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New Blog Devoted to Improved Brief Writing

An Illinois Appellate Attorney has launched a new blog devoted to improving legal writing quality across the board. And his two tips are excellent starting points for any appellate attorney or appellate attorney want-to-be.

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Make Sure Your Content Is Relevant…

Much of what I do, right now, is in the employment law field. This caution, therefore, hits somewhat close to home. For those of us who like to write and research, always, always make sure you include only relevant content in your filings. According to this story from the American Bar Association, a federal judge […]

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Legal Writing Tips from the Expert

Bryan Garner is the preeminent  expert on legal writing. Every minute piece of advice he provides should be followed to a “t.” Please accept my apologies for linking to, and re-posting, a blog article by another person, but why re-invent the wheel? You will never write as good well as you read, so read seriously and […]

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Legal Writing Tips

Here is some really good advice for all attorneys. If you take nothing else away from this article, please take the following: Use Plain English.

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