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A PR Catch-22

Here is an interesting case: The Pittsburgh Zoo has been sued by a mother whose child died at one of the exhibits. The mother stood her child on the railing of the African Painted Dog exhibit and turned her back. The child fell into the display, bouncing off the safety net into the exhibit, and […]

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Always Make Sure to Comply With A Judge’s Order

The prosecution in the Jerry Sandusky criminal case has accused the defense of failing to comply with the Judge’s order relating to subpoenas. The Judge designed his order to keep the identities of Mr. Sandusky’s victims confidential, and the prosecution alleges that the defense is using the subpoenas to get around the gag order, revealing […]

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Double Trouble

Interesting story out of Kansas City. An attorney had her client’s identical twin “stand in” for the client at a preliminary hearing. When asked to explain her decision, she replied, “this honorable court asked for Mr. White, and that is who’s at the table.” While I would not have advised such a move, it does […]

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