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Billing a 29 Hour Day

From the ABA Journal, there is an attorney in Ohio who billed the state for a 29-hour work day. According to the story, he also billed for a 23, 21, and 21.5 hour work-days. Even more incredulous is that he claimed to have worked the hours while representing the indigent poor. While he may be […]

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Google and the Wiretap Act

In a recently released opinion, the Ninth Circuit decided that Google was not entitled to the protection under the Wiretap Exemption of the Wiretap Act. When collecting the pictures and other data necessary for Google Street View, Google collected data from open home and business wifi accounts. Google tried to hide behind the Wiretap Act, […]

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A PR Catch-22

Here is an interesting case: The Pittsburgh Zoo has been sued by a mother whose child died at one of the exhibits. The mother stood her child on the railing of the African Painted Dog exhibit and turned her back. The child fell into the display, bouncing off the safety net into the exhibit, and […]

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