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Thoreau and Emerson on Government

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William Blackstone and Soldiers

“In a land of liberty it is extremely dangerous to make a distinct order of the profession of arms. In absolute monarchies this is necessary for the safety of the prince, and arises from the main principle of their constitution, which is that of governing by fear: but in free states the profession of a […]

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What is a Violation of the Third Amendment?

In an interesting case discussed by the Daily Caller, a family from Henderson, Nevada is suing the local police for violating their Third Amendment protections and right to privacy. By way of review, since the subject is so ubiquitous in today’s plethora of Constitutional litigation, the Third Amendment provides that “No Soldier shall, in time […]

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Purpose of Law

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Federal or State Jurisdiction in Tax Exempt Challenge?

Should federal regulations and engaging in “foreign” company management defeat a plaintiff’s attempt to keep a challenge to tax exempt status in state court? That is the question Judge Joy Flowers Conti of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania must answer. The City of Pittsburgh has challenged the tax exempt status […]

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