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Sex Discrimination and the 14th Amendment

This is an excellent response to Calabresi and Rickert by Josh Blackman. He effectively demonstrates the context of the 14th Amendment. Overall, a great read.

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Always Make Sure to Comply With A Judge’s Order

The prosecution in the Jerry Sandusky criminal case has accused the defense of failing to comply with the Judge’s order relating to subpoenas. The Judge designed his order to keep the identities of Mr. Sandusky’s victims confidential, and the prosecution alleges that the defense is using the subpoenas to get around the gag order, revealing […]

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Faulty Premises

In an example of both bad logic and a faulty premise, Bill Maher tries to distinguishes his demeaning of Sarah Palin from Rush Limbaugh’s demeaning of Sandra Fluke. First, I shall assume that Mr. Maher is unaware of the operational definition of a “public figure.” A public figure is one that injects himself or herself […]

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Importance of Quality Legal Writing

A lawyer in New York was suspended, in part, for poor quality briefs. Remember, writing is the principle way through which attorneys communicate with the court.

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Why You Proofread In Every Situation

On college basketball’s largest stage, there was one glaring error that could have been easily prevented with just one little proofread. Apparently, next year’s Final Four will be in “Alanta” Georgia.

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