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Effective Communication

Without effective communication, your legal arguments could be gibberish to the court. The last thing you want is a court focusing its efforts on figuring out what you are trying to say rather than on your arguments.

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Strong Legal Research

The best foundation for all legal arguments is strong legal research. This research can consume hours of your time in front of a computer or in a law library. Our services can save you time, so you can focus on what you love doing.

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Rules, Rules, Rules

Courts are full of them. Each court seems to have its own, unique rules. Whether you are arguing in front of a trial court, federal court, court of appeals, or supreme court, we can sift through the plethora of rules you will face.

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The Complete Package

Success at any level requires strong legal research, effective communication, well-pled arguments, and adherence to local, state, or federal rules. All of these factors require time.

If you are an attorney, law firm, or corporation overwhelmed by the idea of submitting briefs to a Court, let Franklin Adams & Company, LLC be your hidden partner. We will relieve the stress associated with researching, communicating, and arguing your case to the court. We will research not only your case, but all the technicalities you will face when filing the finished product.

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